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    I just got a case of this stuff in today (chocolate flavor). I'm planning on using it as a midday snack while I'm studying for the bar exam, but I couldn't help throwing a can in the fridge and trying it out. It tastes delicious - like thick cake batter, although without the grainy texture. Doesn't really taste artificially sweetened. It has 2 grams carbs per can (0 grams sugar), 2 grams fat (no saturated or trans fat), and 20 grams of casein and soy protein isolate, with only 100 calories, so you can eat it while cutting.

    I know a lot of bros don't like soy protein, but I've never had any problems with it and I've read that the purported estrogenic properties are very exaggerated or even nonexistant (and on cycle I use anti estrogens anyway). I personally like to get a broad spectrum of proteins every day, from whey concentrate and isolate to casein, soy, meat, and egg protein (I do limit my soy protein intake to 30 grams or less a day).

    Anyway, it's a very portable (it's better cold but can be eaten at room temp as well) and good tasting source of protein that seems like a cheat item but isn't. At 32.99 for 24 cans it's not exactly cheap, but its portability and good taste make it worthwhile to have on hand when you need something portable or just have a sweet craving.

    Maybe we could get one of our trusted board sponsors to carry it with a better price?


  2. Nutraplanet does have it, but at the same price:

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