Bulking diet tuning, help please

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    Bulking diet tuning, help please

    I need help to keep gaining just want mega mass at the moment. Not worried about fat, heres my stats/problem


    Im in the army so diet is kind of set out for me 3 times a day.

    Morning: Porridge/Boiled eggs/milk/cerial (everything else is just processed grease)

    Lunch: Jacket potatoe/pasta/chicken/salade. Oatmeal block/fruit

    Dinner: Jacket potatoe/veg/pies

    Inbetween these meals ive got 1/2 an hour to eat what ever i have prepared. I cant cook at all but can microwave and prepare shakes etc. I dont mind spending $$ to get my cals upto scratch so please any help would be very grateful.

    BTW, I train weights 5 times a week but cardio is 2 forced 8 mile runs a week which does me no favours for bulking!! Dont worry im signing off soon!

    Iam looking for an all out bulking schedule if anyones got one to send.
    Thankyou for your time

    When Bobo's got time il be signing up for gold!!

  2. considering you only have one serving of meat, I'd say to add more. You don't have nearly enough protein. If your options are really limited here, I'd say to just eat as much as you can at your 3 meals, you will be burning a lot of calories running all day. You might do well to decrease weight training to 3 times per week so as not to overtrain.

    If you can't cook, consider buying bulk beef jerky and a lot of tuna to eat in your 1/2 hour breaks. Canned veggies and the like can be eaten right out of the can too and make a good snack if you're short for time.

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