Cholesterol / Blood Pressure

  1. Cholesterol / Blood Pressure

    Hey all.. My Father-In-Law is newly diabetic and he's also got some high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The first thing I thought to do was to come here and put together a list of things that might help him - because he doesn't like taking prescription medications.. Here's the list I put together so far.. Am I missing anything?

    For Cholesterol:
    Sesathin, Guggul, Red Yeast Rice*, CoEnzyme Q10*, Flax Seed Oil, Safflower Oil*, Policosanol*, Niacin, Garlic, Hawthorn Berry (helps regulate blood pressure as well), Pantethine.

    R-ALA speeds the removal of Glucose in the blood.

    For Blood Pressure:
    Coenzyme Q10, Garlic (best with high concentration of Allicin), Celery Seed Extract (best with high concentration of 3NB), C-12 Peptide. Also, high-dose vitamin B6 and vitamin C. High-dose vitamin D is also beneficial for Blood Pressure (not sure how, though).

    Which things stand out best amongst this list?

    Thank you very much!
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  2. I think the best choice is only to take a few things and add/subtract if necessary. CoQ10, garlic(raw garlic daily is fine), and EFAs are definites to use for overall health. These should be included in everyone's diet.

    For the blood pressure, my first choice would be the celery seed extract. For cholesterol, policosanol would be my first choice.

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  4. Thank you very much!

  5. Celery seed with standardize extract of 3nB or a c12 peptide are the best supps for reducing blood pressure. Hawthorne also works well but must be used for around a month before it really kicks in. I noticed people always recommend CoQ10 but Idebenone is vastly superior. It also potentiates the effects of Hawthorne, is a anti-oxidant even in mitochondria and doesn't show pro-oxidant efects at high dosages like CoQ10 has.

    Policosanol and RYR along with some fish oil caps should help the cholesterol levels out. RYR supplementation though really requires concurrent coQ10 or Ideb supplementation though.

    As for readings the diastolic measurement is more important than systolic. Anything over 100 and especially near or past 120 is cause for concern, at least according to the the studies I've read and the docs I've spoken with. Many people have a high systolic 140-160 their entire adult lives with no apparent negative effects.

    For cholesterol you want to get the following:
    LPa, Fibrinogen, CRP, LDL, IL2, Homocysteine
    LDL can be misleading though as you could have a level of 100 but 80 of it might be LPa in which case your a ticking time bomb.



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