reintroducing carbs

  1. reintroducing carbs

    For as long as I can remember, In order to drop fat/weight I would like many others, have very little carbs throughout my day... normally under 20g

    I have been eating like this recently, and have I guess sort of adopted the "timed carb" routine that people are talking about (never knew it had a name)..and would add a pretty good amount of carbs for post w/o shake, and a lower amount pre-wo

    I know ideally you want to come to some happy medium, and take in a good amount of carbs (the good ones of course)
    but for some reason, I either can't get it through my head b/c of fear or something I don't know. But after pretty much having very little carbs (when actually watching what I eat) for really looong time, anyone have suggestions how to actually get into the habit of reintroducing the carbs. I am assuming I don't want to go from having 20g or less a day to having 200+ grams immediately.

    I picked up a lot of legumes at the store (lentils and chick peas) but how can i start getting it right w/o getting fat?? Sorry if that is stupid, but I think its about time i practice what i preach..thanks


  2. Add them back in slowly per week. I would go with around 100kcals extra a day from carbs, until you get back up to the desired level. Bumping it every week.


  3. Ok, 100 sounds good..I was thinking along similar lines.

    I am mainly interested in adding a lot of fiber, which I think the lentils and chick peas should be good for.

    anyone have any good "recipes" to use these 2 things for?

  4. If that approach has been working for you why are you switching? Is it because you feel you can obtain the same results with carbs back in your diet? Only reason I ask if because I have been doing the same thing lately. But I don't eat any carbs during the day and If I can get the same gains I'd love to get htem back into my diet. Cause quite frankly sometimes I wish I had them purely for energy purposes. However after a few days on nothing but Pro/Fat I find that I do have enough energy.

  5. Well if you look at many of the people who we all strive i guess to look like, I doubt any of them are constantly on no to low carb diets.

    Also i mean bottom line your muscles need carbs .hence the "carb up" days we all get to enjoy. I just think that overall health would be better, and your brain would like you better.

    Fiber has many benefits, and thats really my main reason for trying to get more carbs in. I have been feeling bloated lately, and I think if I take in much more fiber that would help.

    The more fiber you have, the quicker what you eat moves things like sodium less of a chance to get absorbed into the body. (not to mention fat etc.)

    I know some of the fiber supplements, such as fenugreek, supposedly can form a gel in the lining of the stomach/intestine and help prevent absorption of fat and in my thinking....fiber/good carbs should be my friend


  6. Yeah I totally agree. Are you doing 20g of Carbs per day or just during the day? Cause after I work out I eat anywhere from 180-190 carbs all PWO. So technically I'm getting my carbs just alot later in the day. For the purposes of Glycogen replenishment etc... Plus i find that I never have carb cravings during tha day cause it almost hard for me to eat them at night. I find myself struggling to get those last few bites of oatmeal down.

  7. well the 20 grams of carbs used to include everything..including pwo shake..yeah yeah i know..but i get fat easily off bad carbs, and when i first started working out a long time ago, I never had carbs in high amounts with any shake and I got into really good for me it was just knowing what had worked in the past and sticking with it..even though all the literature suggests otherwise about the pwo meal etc.

    I have been over the 20g mark lately..I am still a little weary of adding a ton of carbs to my shakes after a workout...So far it has just been my pro powder, creatine, and half a bananna..I might go with a whole one soon.

    For example today, I brought a bunch of lentils and haven't touched them all day. I'm working on it though.



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