Counting cals question

  1. Counting cals question

    I am currently trying to burn off some bf with low intensity cardio 4x weekly and cals 500 below maintenance. 2 days a week I have work and school and I struggle to get in enough food on those days ( usually end up somewhere around 800+ below). Should i be worried about individual days or am I fine as long as it averages out to 500 by the end of each week?


  2. no big deal when it happens to me, however you can add some healthy fats to bump up cals a hundred calories or so

  3. you have to learn to carry around food with you, and i don't know who told me this, but "be prepared to answer why you're carrying around a mini-cooler"
    I have a fridge where I work so it's not a big deal for me, but search the forum and see the *best foods to carry around*. my personal favorites are tuna, chicken breast, protein powder in an empty water bottle then just add cold water and shake when needed... you get the idea.

  4. Heh, if you get too few calories one day, I'd eat that many calories extra the next day. If you undereat too much too often your body is going to shut down and your diet is going to become very slow and painful.



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