Tired of me yet?????

  1. Talking Tired of me yet?????

    Guys - the bulk sale last weekend was GREAT - Thanks. I can offer it again this weekend as well.....for those of you who needed to steal it from their spouses .

    I went to a staff meeting today and the lab guys told me that PEANUT BUTTER is now their highest priority!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted you to know that we are listening.

    I will repeat the bulk prices below - just in case.

    Okay - Guys,

    I have convinced the big boys at ATW that we need to offer bulk sales -

    They said yes - but I have to prove it. Here's what I have......I am not waiting for the webpage to update. I AM TAKING THE ORDERS. We can do it one of two ways.

    1. You can email me your product, flavor, size and shipping address. I will IMMEDIATELY send you an email with your confirmation number and final ship costs.
    2. You can CALL ME - yes, I work 24 hours a day for your people and I will take the order over the phone!!!!!! 610.999.7863

    ALL ORDERS PLACED THIS WEEKEND WILL SHIP ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! AND THE BEST NEWS - I CAN GIVE YOU FIVE BUCKS OFF - I am trying to prove to them that we need to offer it on the webpage....but I cannot sit around and wait for them, can I?

    I have orders forms at home and can take all the information that way or you can email me. I will send each of you an email confirming the final cost BEFORE anyone gets charged on the credit card - fair? I think so. The FIVE DOLLAR DISCOUNT IS APPLIED PRIOR TO BILLING>>>>>>>>> Am I working or what?

    For those of you who have already forgotten my bulk prices -

    50 lb concentrate - 139.99
    25 lb concentrate - 69.99

    50 lb blend flavored - 179.99
    25 lb blend natural - 89.99

    50 lb Isolate flavored - 299.99
    50 lb Isolate natural - 279.99

    25 lb Isolate flavored - 149.99
    25 lb Isolate natural - 139.99

    25 lb 20/30 flavored - 72.50
    25 lb 20/30 natural - 69.99


    OKAY GENTLEMEN - START YOUR ENGINES............Laura - [email protected]

  2. Never tired of you Laura! Thanks for the deals, and the updates.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by wheystation

    I went to a staff meeting today and the lab guys told me that PEANUT BUTTER is now their highest priority!!!!!!!!
    Sweet I can't wait for PB. Thank You

  4. Does this apply to several different flavors? Or just 1 flavor for each bulk purchase?

    Still get the $5 off?
  5. Wink

    Right now - the bulk is for All one flavor......I am waiting for the packaging to come in for the five flavors, fifty lbs.

    But I can still get you the 5.00 off any bulk order this weekend.


    Hey - I have pineapple and chocolate Orange Now.....I was afraid to say this because the Peanut Butter is not ready yet.

    Also - Hoodia Samples with all orders placed this weekend. 15 caps for free.




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