drinking on ckd

  1. drinking on ckd

    Ok since beer has carbs I said **** that and just hit jaydee's on the rocks. Is this bad?

  2. Alcohol stops all fat mobilization until it is completely cleared from your system.
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  3. mmm... poison

  4. Originally posted by Bobo
    Alcohol stops all fat mobilization until it is completely cleared from your system.

  5. bump...not to mention jacks with your test levels, decreases protein synthesis, and other things... Well, with all that knowledge, I still drink once a week hahah... I recommend rum and diet coke, vodka and crystal light, vodka and sugar free red bull, or just something straight up. Alcohol alone won't throw you out of ketosis, but as everyone else said, you sure won't be burning fat when drinking


  6. The low carb beers like Miller Lite or Mich Light won't toss you out of ketosis. Even regular beers aren't all that bad in my experience. My thought is that the liver energy required to clear the alcohol pretty much chews up the carb injested with it. Of course I'd stay away from schnapps or regular mixers. A few shots of vodca (or more) in the first day or two of low carb seems to help me get into ketosis. As stated above, you won't burn fat while you're drinking since then energy from the alcohol will be used before fat gets mobilized.

  7. ok, I wasnt touching any mixed drinks and that low carb beer michy ultra was like piss to me. So, I decided to drink jack on the rocks, a real mans drink. I guess I should save it for weekends. its the white mans burden.

  8. dewars on the rock's is good too, a little less harsh
    i use beer as part of the carb up--quite unsuccessfully too, but damn it tastes good--drink guiness for strength


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