Plaintain's......hi or low gi

  1. Plaintain's......hi or low gi

    I love them and I would like to incorporate either sweet or regular plaintain's into my diet, unless they are hi gi. I am guessing they are hi.

    Pretty decent IMO. I love slicing some up, rolling them in egg with vanilla extract and covering them with ground oatmeal and a little cinnamon and nutmeg, then baking them. You can put these in the fridge and reheat them also. It's VERY messy so if you don't want to clean up a sticky mess, don't try this.

  3. Eeew! Plantains are all about being fried with butter spray and a dash of salt, and being served next to black beans and jerk chicken breast Get it right!~

  4. Those both sound like delicious options.

  5. sweet or regular man. regular seem more like potatoes! Man that sure sounds good exnihilo. authentic but tweaked to be protein/carb. Shoot yeah

  6. it is low for both sweet and regular plaintains?

  7. The ones i usually see in the stores around here (TN) are regular. They're more starchy, less sugary. Kind of like a less sweet banana.

  8. two things....

    1. do they have to be boiled before being fried?

    2. How the **** do I know which ones to buy? How do I know if they are good or ripe? You know what I mean.

  9. 1: No.

    2: The green ones are less sweet, I don't like them. Try to find one that looks like a large regular banana, yellowish/orangish with brown spots. These are perfectly balanced between starchy and sweet, with a little salt and some butter spray, MMMMMMMMmmmm.

  10. alot of brown spots or a little? I dont wanna end up buying them only to find them rotten on the inside.

  11. Unlike a banana when there are lots of brown spots on the outside of a plantain that means it's just exactly how you want it (if you like it slightly sweet). If it's brown all over that means it's rotten


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