Need some knowledge

  1. Need some knowledge

    I often see "carb-loading" and "depletion" throw around, but never truly understood them. Why is it when cutting, in the morning you look flat as hell but as the day goes on you look better? These are pretty specific points but I want to learn about the broader sense of why this happens. And knowledge or links please drop them here...thanks.

  2. It all has to do with glycogen, your body's stored form of energy. For every gram of stored glycogen, your muscle also stores 2.7 grams of water. So basically anytime you increase your carb intake, you can expect to hold more water, and if you cut carbs you can expect weight loss (water, not necessarily fat).Part of the reason why people fall in love with low-CHO diets is because they see a quick reduction in weight, but a lot of it is water-loss.

    In the past I've followed diets that emphasized cutting carbs, and consequently looking flat, and then having big CH0-ups and then feeling huge. IMO they're overrated and the whole process is pretty dumb, except before a bodybuilding competetion.

  3. Thanks for your response DieTrying, that's what i'm sort of trying to get at.

    What are the benefits of a carb load besides looks? I see your saying a carb load would fill you out, but what are the other reasons that it's performed?

    In the end, I just want to make sure or find out a way to not look so flat after a long cut with low carbs. How would this be achieved? Just carb load?

  4. well you don't want to go TOO long on low carbs .. the carb load will definitely fill you out by replenishing glycogen stores .. but it will also jump start your metabolism again .. i personally wouldn't deplete myself aside from the week before a contest

  5. Thanks for the info guys, I just see how flat i'm looking right now while cutting. And i'm just concerned that i'm going to get to the end of my cut and look like ****.

  6. have a carb up day .. take in at least 400g of carbs (not sugar though lol) oats, yams, baked potatoes, and pasta

  7. I'll take your advice into consideration and play it by the day.


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