48 days until the next tournament.(THE PLAN)

  1. 48 days until the next tournament.(THE PLAN)

    Good day to all at AM. Well, here we go. I have 48 days until my next tournament. and here is the plan. I am going to hit a six week cycle of SD and change my diet. Change my diet you ask, yes, the last two weeks I have been remodeling my Kitchen so it has been pretty hard to eat right when you cant cook, so that has all changed. My plan is to not do anything to extreme on my diet, just keep it simple. Only white meat, fruits, Vegi's, ocassionally rice(my girl got me a rice cooker so I have to use it)and a baked potatoe twice a week. I plan on staying away from sugers, white flour and Pop, even diet. But I wont be able to give my my diet Rockstar(I Need something). The workouts will also be simple. I plan on usuing the Nutrex workout. (2 muscle groups a day, 3 sets per muscle group, 1st exercise 3 sets of 6, then 2 sets of 10 and 1 set of twenty. I have found that this approach really works for me, plus it gets you in and out of the gym pretty quickly.) Because of my injury I am not able to run for another three weeks, so I will stick to the bike for now, and I will it that up on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wed, Sat I will be doing Jiu Jitsu, as much as I can with the injury( this is why god created tape) and Sunday will be the sleep day. Also on Monday, Wed and Sat nights I will be doing 20 minutes of Yoga. This morning I weighed 228lbs, my goal is to be down to 210bs in 48 days. As far as supplements, I will be doing 30mg of SD a day with 6 Phenogen a day as well. And I dont want to forget the 6 flintstone vitamins a day as well.( I think they taste better then the centrums) I will be sure to get measurements and pics later tonight. If anyone has any advice, please share. I will keep everyone posted on my results every couple of days.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by elgallotapout
    My plan is to not do anything to extreme on my diet, just keep it simple. Only white meat, fruits, Vegi's, ocassionally rice(my girl got me a rice cooker so I have to use it)and a baked potatoe twice a week.
    Not that I'm fit to give you advice, but whatchu got against red meat?

  3. Everything looks pretty good to me! I'm happy to see another fellow BJJ fighter, incorporate yoga into the mix. Flexability is of the upmost importance in this sport. Good luck to you EGT!

  4. Nothing against the red meat, I just want to stick to the lean meat. also, it is just too easy for me to make a whole bunch of hamberger patties and just eat those. I am trying not to get myself into a rut. Trust me, I have nothing against red meat.

  5. i would probably substitute a baked sweet potato for a regular baked potato. imo they taste better too

  6. good Idea, I think that I will go ahead and do that next week when I eat the two that I got for this week. I am sure that by then I will need some sort of a sweet fix..

  7. Awesome plan, are you going to cut weight to make a lower weight class? or compete at 210? what is the top weight limit for your div?

    Good luck!, ill be watching!

  8. My wieght limit is 225, but I feel that I compete better at around 210, I feel a lot faster and my endurance is much better at that weight. My goal is to keep my size, just lose the fat.

  9. THe word for day 2 is WATER!!!!!Went and trained last night, about 5 min. into our conditioning drills, started with the lower back cramps. Not a big deal, worked through that. They only lasted about 30 minutes and they went away. But then when we were rolling around, I got really bad calve cramps. My calve is still a little sore from the cramp this morning. I drank 3 liters of water yesterday, I am going to increase it to 4.5 and see how that goes. I dont think that the SD gave me the calve cramps. Other than the cramps, I feel good. I dropped 3 lbs so far, which is probably all water. but it is still 3 lbs. I will post the pics tonight and the measurements. Have a good day AM.

  10. Well it is the start of day 3 and I feel pretty good. My body weight is the same as yesterday. All and all everything is good to go today. I will be doing legs today and then rolling later tonight. Hopefully the cramps wont be there. I will keep everyone posted.

  11. elgallotapout, get some Taurine, it helps with the back cramps. I get mine from CNW, they sponsor here on this site.

  12. Thanks for the input, I need whatever will get rid of the cramps. Lastnight was pretty bad, it only took a couple of minutes for the back cramps to go away, but the calve cramps rocked my world lastnight. I stopped and got some potassium, I will see if that helps and I will go ahead and get some Taurine as well. Down 2 more lbs this morning. Getting alot of muscle twitching as I sit here typing. Mostly in my shoulders. Talked to Twin Peaks, so I started the Rebound as well as the SD. Training will be kicked into over drive for the next couple of weeks, I will be training 5 to 6 days a week for the next couple of weeks. Lets see how it goes. Keep the input coming...

  13. Things are good today. Went and lifted shoulders and tri's yesterday and took the night off of rolling tofinsh working on my kitchen. will be attacking back today. Tomorrow will be rolling for a good three hours, hopefully the extra Potassium will keep the cramps down. Weight back up to 226. all in all I feel pretty good. Other than the bloating every time I eat or drink something, I cant complain.

  14. How's your endurance been lately? Keep on rockin bro!

  15. Yeah how is the endurance on SD?

    When i was dealing with cramps before rolling or lifting i found that potassium helped a great deal, i have never had to use taurine, although i hear it works great.

  16. Well my endurance seems to be going great..Things went pretty good this weekend. Rolled on Sat. for about 3 hrs. No cramps or anything to report, so I think that the Potassium seems to be helping, I think that I will stick with it. Not sure if the Rebound kicked in on Sat. but Sat morning when I got up, I pissed for about 5 min strait. A lot of the water that I was holding seems to have left this weekend. I dont feel as bloated either, so that is a good thing. Well on Sat. night I broke the golden rule, I went and had acouple of drinks, nothing major, went to the club and next thing I know I had a beer in my hand. I guess that I need to stay away from the clubs, but it is getting to be summer.

  17. Sorry I havent posted in the last couple of days, I have been out of my office at a Military school. Well things are going great so far. Endurance is great, The cramps have gone a way and size and definition are starting. I am very pleased with my results so far, almost done with my second week. Got an email from Mat at Designer and I now have some Active on the way. Cant wait to implement it into my workouts. My weight is down to 222 and holding steady. Well it is Cinco de Mayo and everyone knows what that means.

  18. Well, it has been a week since I last posted. Things are going great, I have been holding at 228 for the past 4 days and I have lost about 1/2 inch off of my waist. My arms are up 3/4 of an inch and my chest is up 1 1/8 inches. So I have no complaints. My endurance is good, I do crash pretty hard at night and have really crazy dreams, but I think that they are fun to have. My joints are a little stiff and I have up my dose of GLC to three times a day to help with that, which I am sure will do just fine. I have one more week until I start cutting down to about 210. which I plan to accomplish in three weeks before the tournament. Everyone take care. on a side note, the Designer Patches are done and are getting sewn on as we speak. how do you post pics on this forum????

  19. -how do you post pics on this forum????

    when u "post reply" go down below the text box. you will see a button that says manage attachments. Then search your hard drive for the file and then click upload.

  20. Well, I have 25 days until the next tournament. I could not be happier with my results. My barber ask me what I was taking, so I told him and now he wants some. So I have to make sure that I get him a cycle. Still maintaining at 228lbs. Endurance is still good. Although Sat. it was a little rough. The first day this year that had high humidity, so rolling was a little rough. But it usually is for the first week or so of High Humidity. I will work through it. Other than that, I love this stuff. If you are debating on whether or not to take it, I say, take it, it really works. Have a great day.


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