Anyone try the tdawg diet?

  1. Anyone try the tdawg diet?

    I need some kind of structure to start dieting. I have 2 jobs and a colic 3 month old thats completly derailed me. I thought this tdawg diet was a good start, how does it look?****473067

  2. They basically ripped it off from the anabolic diet by DiPaquale. If I remember correctly I don't think he was supportive of the changes they made to it. His web page is

    Lyle McDonald has also written allot of stuff on CKDs.

  3. Any way I used the diet with damn good results. I am going to go back on it Sunday. I have been in a power lifting mode for a few years now and I want to loose some body fat.

  4. You used tdawg or the straight up anabolic diet?

  5. The anabolic diet is basically atkins? Tdawg seems like a marriage of the anabolic diet and south beach.

  6. South Beach is very close to the Atkins from what I have read on it.. but I haven't tried it so I can't really say for sure

  7. You used tdawg or the straight up anabolic diet?

  8. The anabolic diet is basically atkins? Tdawg seems like a marriage of the anabolic diet and south beach.
    Atkins 5 days a week and carb loading for 2 days a week.

  9. I amsure that many people on this board know a hell of a lot more about this than I do, so feel free to jump in.
    The theory behind Atkins is to take the carbs out of the diet and eat much more Fat and protein. When your body doesn't have the carbs to use as fuel it uses the high amount of fat in your diet as an energy source. What Dipasqual and others believe that a two day carb spike has an anabolic effect. So 5 days a week your using fat as energy and for two days you give your self kind of an anabolic kick.
    What they did with original T dogg is say we are going low carb but still use a post work out shake that is full of simple carbs. I beilieve the origninal was 70 grams and in the new one they say 100 and they only allowed for one day of carb loading. They also suggest that surge is your best option of coarse. Most people only recommend 30 to 50 grams of carbs a day when on the low carb phase. So the newer T- dogg allows for much more which could be counter productive. Also bobo posted a few studies that showed that the type of carb you consume after a work out made no difference. If that is the case why would you want to take in crappy high GI carbs? If your on a CKD diet you want to aviod high GI carbs for the 5 days any way. T mag can have some good articles on training but I don't take their advise on supplements and diet.

  10. Yeah once they start pimpin there products its time to turn the page. I guess it makes it easier (tdawg) to include their supps. I need to find a copy of the metabolic diet somewhere. I think I could deal with it 5 days a week. So basically, even post W/O you dont use carbs.


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