Summer time

  1. Summer time

    Ok as you know sumer is approaching and everyone wants to shred up. I am cuttign as well, but my friend who I work with at the office just got a gym membership with me. He is 24 5'10 220 I'd say around 20%bf. He told me about his situation and how he wants to lose his male breasts. Its not gyno well atleast not all of it, but i think its mostly fat. I gave him some pointers. Here they are:
    2 gals of water a day
    low cardio 45 mins a day
    6 small meals
    and a lsit of what foods to eat.
    he seems motivated because he wants to get in shape for the summer, but cant get a diet on track. Are there any other tips you guys can share of anything else. he has been using Whey pro/R AlA Omega 3 fattys/ and a multi. I dont know if I should sell him my extra bottle of clen. he wants to shed lbs all over but mainly his chest. Are there any specific workouts or diets that could help. Thanks guys for your time.

  2. the best investment he can make is signing up with bobo

  3. Ahah great idea i didnt even think of that. Do you know the prices so i cna print it out for him tomorrow. I am not sure if he will do it i will try to convince him because all I hear is BoBo works wonders.
    never mind i found Bobo's website.

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