need some tips on how to lose the belly fat...

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  1. need some tips on how to lose the belly fat...

    It seems that no matter how hard I try, I just cannot lost the last bit of fat on my stomach area..
    Currently, I perform 45-55 minutes of low intensity cardio first thing in the morning, and 30-40 minutes immediately after a lifting session..
    I am 6'2" 158lbs with I think about 15% body fat, and I seem to be stuck there.. yeah, I can lose "weight" but it usually is all LBM I lose..
    BTW, I eat about 1700 cals a day.. I just want to be lean before I start to bulk... tips/help is appreciated..
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  2. ?? No offense bro but you look pretty dang lean already. There's no way you are 15% BF.

    Post up your diet for these guys to check out. That will probably help them a ton!!

  3. I think you're judging yourself harshly. I see very little body fat over your navel... just a bit of pudge. Your serratus are very clear and you're fairly vascular. If I had to guess, I'd say you're more like 13.5%, even a bit lower, but I'd want to see the wheels.

  4. Losing the last few lbs is damn hard bro. I never got to where I wanted during my cut.

    I agree that your BF is lower than 15. If you were 15%, that would calculate to about 130 lbs of LBM..and you're 6'2! I don't know if you have a specific cutting goal, but you look lean enough to me to start adding weight.

  5. With that much cardio the answer lies in your diet, I'd bet.

    But I agree with the other guys- start bulking, it's fun! Remember, more lean mass means more fat burning potential.

  6. Believe it or not, 1 year ago I was released from the hospital after dealing with Anorexia Nervosa at 130lbs (I entered the hospital at 89lbs, still 6'2") I believe my bone structure to be pretty light at this point, due to previous malnourishment... I have put on a little over 30lbs since last february. You could imagine what a 6'2" person would look like weighing 89lbs.. not pretty...

    I have attempted to bulk many times, but for whatever reason I always seem to never gain much overall muscle and pretty much just get a gut. Now I don't know where the problem lies, but I would definately appreciate some guidance on where to start out with a good bulk.. I hear bobo is good at helping clients bulk leanly, but I am only 16 and am pretty limited in that area... Currently, I follow a 4-day split: (am cardio not listed, except on saturday)

    Sunday: Chest
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Cardio/Abs
    Wednesday: Legs/Calves
    Thursday: Arms/Shoulders
    Friday: cardio/abs
    Saturday: AM Cardio/off

    I think a big issue I have is impatience. I tend to go overboard on training, perhaps overtraining at points, thus hindering any gains I may have been able to salvage..
    Looking at my own pictures, I do agree that while I do have pudge, Ridding myself of it at this point will only cause more LBM loss, and I don't have much LBM to lose . The tough part is just adding the LBM without adding too much more fat. Another concern is that, why do the skinfold calipers register such a low reading?? for example, to the right of my belly button, where the abdomen measurement is taken, the most flab I can pinch only reads 7mm, and this is squeezing pretty damn hard.. makes no real sense IMO... Maybe I just don't have enough muscle to show my BF percentage?? I could go on for ages tho, but basically, if you could offer some guidance on properly bulking I would really appreciate it... Keep in mind that I really would like to increase the width on my arms, my shoulders, my chest... wait... I just need muscle everywhere, I am not really lagging in any one place compared to another. damn. sorry I just keep going don't I? . let me know if you need any more info... thanks

  7. Quote Originally Posted by cobain67
    Maybe I just don't have enough muscle to show my BF percentage??

    You said it right there. I'm learning how to add lean mass now myself, so I'm not fit to advise, but many here will help.
  8. Just Bulk

    You look like 9-10 percent to me. The only thing you need to worry about is bulking. Get some calipers (electronic are only like 25 bucks) and quit trying to guess your bf.

  9. My answer is Bobo. I'm on the muscle building program right now. I'd say give it a shot when you can save up for it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rwill2001
    You look like 9-10 percent to me. The only thing you need to worry about is bulking. Get some calipers (electronic are only like 25 bucks) and quit trying to guess your bf.
    I do have calipers, they are Lange Skinfold Calipers... cost me ~100 bucks.. top notch. Well, the reason why I go about looks to judge my BF is because, what good does it really do to 'technically' be shredded, but look like you have 15% or so (no, Im not saying Im shredded, lol ) Calipers read the following measurements (done using 7-fold technique..)

    Abdomen: 7mm (loose skin though for some reason, it isnt thick, just loose (??))
    Chest: 5mm
    Thigh: 3mm (don't look like it tho.. damn, I need mass, lol.)
    Subscapular: 6mm
    Maxidillary: 5mm
    Suprailiac: 3mm
    Bicep: 3mm (actually reads 2.5, but I rounded off to 3)
    Tricep: 3mm (same 2.5 reading)
    Calf: 2mm (nothing there to pinch, so tight)

    using the following 9-site equation: (sum of 9 skinfolds/weight) x .27 = BF%

    It comes out as 6.4% body-fat.... HAH my ASS!
  11. They are probably right

    Looking at your pics you have almost no fat. You look primed to bulk. Trust the instruments and ignore the mirror. Some people are good at self assessment, however, you seem to be a bit off. With the calories your taking in and your current body fat levels, I'd bet you could put on 25 lbs and still look lean as hell.

    Nosce Te Ipsum

  12. As all have been saying, your bf% is way lower than 15. You definitely look single digit to me. Perhaps some of that anorexic self-perception is skewing the way you see yourself.

    A major reason why you don't look as lean as you are is probably lack of overall muscle development. You can burn all the excess fat, but if there isn't a considerable muscular frame beneath you can't expect to have the details you are probably looking for. Perhaps doing some weighted ab work will help you achieve the look you want.

  13. alright, I have decided to begin a lean bulk ('lean,' ha. that's everyone's goal). I would like some recommendations on a training style to use, or a split or something... I want to bulk right this time.. I am aiming for 185lbs or so, so a 30lb bulk. Please help. thanks.

  14. Eat clean cals above your minimum.

    I could give you my meal plan from Bobo, but that wouldn't help as he's designed it for my training and body type. I would say stick to clean sources of protein - chicken, tuna, turkey, egg whites. Same with carbs.......

    I really had good results when i started dedicating myself to lifting and post-workout nutrition. Seems like the big recommendation now is a pre-WO shake. Give that a shot along w/ oats post-WO.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80

    I could give you my meal plan from Bobo, .
    That would definetly not be a very wise idea. It would definetly upset certain people.

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  16. You look like your about 7 to 10 % to me. You can see your abs pretty easily.

  17. hmm... about the pre-workout nutrition/shake, as I am sure it has already been covered (many times), do you have any links to info?

  18. how much $$ do you charge for meal plan customization bobo?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by cobain67
    how much $$ do you charge for meal plan customization bobo?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by cobain67
    hmm... about the pre-workout nutrition/shake, as I am sure it has already been covered (many times), do you have any links to info?
    try this link:
    Pre-Workout more important than Post Workout?

    basically u want low gi carb w/ a scoop of whey. good luck.

  21. currently, my Pre-Workout meal is my "breakfast" (do we really even have these anymore?? Mine is called "meal#2") which is: 5egg whites/1yolk, 1/2c oatmeal, 1/2 scoop of VPX Zero-Carb protein and a few strawberries, averaging 400 calories, 40g Protein, 40g Carbs, 8g Fat. My first "meal" lately has been a shake pre-morning cardio (1/2scoop vanilla whey, 1/2scoop Chocolate Casein + 3cups of coffee + ice/splenda). This shake tastes just like a starbucks drink... except a little bit better for you IMO...

    Basically, I have knowledge of pre and post workout nutrition, but lately I have been hearing more and more about different methods and strategies for nutrient timing.

  22. How much does it cost to hire Hobo The Clown?

  23. Hobo?


    Lol... that was ****in' funny.

  24. I think that the main thing is that you're an angry white male....try smiling

    Also - nice ****ter

    I would get in a good bulk....then a slow cut. Lots of good advice here. Hire the clown.....he'll put a smile on your face


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