Calculating BMR

  1. Calculating BMR

    Does anyone have a formula for calculating BMR? I used one that i found doing a search here and one that I found on a website and they both came out to between 1800 -2100 and I can't see how that can be right @ 200lbs.

  2. Send me a pm with your email addy and I'll send you a bmr spreadsheet.

  3. Males: REE = (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) + 5

    Females: REE = (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) - (5 x age) - 161.

    weight = kg
    height = cm

  4. Here ya go. Its a BMR Calculator for men and women which will give you cutting, maintenance and bulking calories and calculate meal requirements based upon the number of meals you eat. I changed the file extension from xls to doc so that the board would accept the file. Simply download it and rename the file from BMR-DietCalc.doc to BMR-DietCalc.xls then open it with MS Excel.
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