Rye and Pumpernickel breads

  1. Rye and Pumpernickel breads

    Are these breads low or high gi?

  2. depends if they have enriched flour or not

  3. what its 100% rye flour or pumpernickel flour

  4. then as far as i know they should be relatively low GI for bread ... do a google search for a gylcemic index and look them both up

  5. both rye and pumpernickel are good breads for BB'ers, as long as that's what they really are (as glen alluded). If they are natural and whole grain, they are low(er) GI and excellent nutrient-wise. As long as they aren't filled with refined flours and/or sugars of some kind.

  6. and there a good for those who get sick of wheat.

  7. I'm pretty sure they are really low on the GI index. I love pumpernickel. Gotta try to talk Bobo into them though!

  8. why wouldnt bobo try them? there good!!!!

  9. rye and pumpernickel rocks...i always get the 100% all natural loaves from the local middle eastern market. They also have 100% natural millet and flax pita bread type stuff that tastes delicious and is excellent nutrient wise...

    hell, 99% of the time they are cheaper there than a regular loaf of bread at the grocery store...



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