Water vs. flavored drinks

  1. Water vs. flavored drinks

    I have always thought from what I read that for water intake its best to only count water. I recently read that flavored waters, crystal light etc. can be counted towards the daily water intake. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Personally, I would say no, but many have disagreed with me.

    Crystal light has sweeteners that I try to avoid anyway....but I will say that when I drink a ton of Green Tea and Splenda (sometimes a gallon a day) in addition to my water I wouldnt count it


  3. Water is water. Your body will separate all of the components (well, almost all, almost all of the time) of whatever you drink and will use what it can. Think about it like this: if you were on the verge of death from dehydration I'm sure your body would gladly accept and use the water from whatever it can whether it's soda, tea, or whatever. But straight water is best so your body doesn't have to take all that other crap as well.

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