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    Well I've stumbled onto something that's really been helping me when I'm lifting weights. I'm cutting naturally before I do a cycle this summer and this has really helped boost my training this week. I'll eat a few pieces of Bottlecaps candy 20-30 minutes before training and then munch on them in between my first few exercises. It really helps me get a pump and shoots my endurance up, especially because my other carbs are all vegetable or whole grain based and low GI. This isn't a huge amount of carbohydrate, maybe 20grams altogether tops. The main ingredients are, in order, dextrose and maltodextrine. I love it because I get to eat candy and it's actually working out to be beneficial to my diet. My preworkout drink has been whey and CEE about 30 minutes before (gag). My PWO shake is skim milk and whey.

  2. ... you don't have any carbs PWO??

  3. Two cups of skim milk is about 20 grams of sugar. I'm pretty carb sensitive and I'm also cutting.

  4. Actually I just checked. It's 26g sugar.

  5. you should be taking in low gi carbs post workout and also an hour before your workout .. bobo has posted a TON on this and why its far better/boarding on necessary .. i'm sorry i'm just too lazy to look it all up ... but if you do a search you'll see

    don't worry about carbs around your work out while your cutting .. **** i'm dieting now and i never take in less than 200 grams of carbs a day and i've lost 3 inches off my waist in 5 weeks (thanks again Bobo!) .. although that will change when its truly pre contest time

  6. Throw another 20 grams of low gi carbs in there. It won't hurt your cutting efforts, and will help wit muscle gain/maintenance.

  7. Sorry I actually read the entire thread this time. I agree w/glen here. Preworkout nutrition is probably imo more important then post workout (although both are vital). Add some low gi carbs pre/post workout along w/your protein shake. Also gatorade would be a much better choice of simple carbs to take during a workout.

  8. The solid meal I have before is usually carbs/protein. I don't like to have it too close to training because I don't like lifting with food sitting in my stomach. How close should the pre workout meal be to lifting? And in case I came across wrong, I have a meal 45 minutes after the pwo shake consisting of red potatoes and tuna. Something I might try is to put some malt powder in the pwo shake. That should kick up the insulin action just enough, what do you guys think?
  9. De nada!

    Welcome to Anabolicminds! I swear somebody should make a low-GI carb sticky.

    how much dextrose pwo

    Low GI Post workout drink, really???

    Making My Own BCAA Pre/During WO Cocktail

  10. I've been reading the posts on here for a while. I've read two of these exact posts you've put up and they're why I tried incorporating carbs/protien before and into my workout. Before this I was following Swolecat's ideas (from the AR cutting sticky) of only having a fat/protein meal two hours before training, and a whey/dextrose shake after. Preworkout nutrition's been stressed alot and the only thing I can see that I need to fix is to change around the preworkout shake to have some low gi carbs and incorporate some fructose ALONG with the dextrose during the work out. (Gatorade is boring, im thinking Mike and Ike's ).

  11. A solid protein and low gi meal about 45-60 mins before your workout will be good. I don't know about the candy during your workout, but i guess it's the best time to eat it if you're going to. Post workout oats/milk/whey is great.

    You're gonna get an insulin spike postworkout regardless of what type of carbs you eat so stay away from the malto or any simple sugars for that matter.

  12. Ah, thanks.


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