Just need to ask

  1. Just need to ask

    Lately i have been hating the idea of drinking a gallon of water a day, and was wonder if the water i use for my protein shakes, and crystal light count for the gallon of water per day, or does it really have to be straight water all the time.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by merllin_2000
    a gallon of water a day
    Only one!?

    Seriously, you can probably count it, but why shortchange yourself? Do you really dislike... water?


  3. I have never really liked water, but never really liked soda either, usually i used to drink alot fruit juices. Although i do like water when hot or really thirty but that is about it.

  4. i drink at least 2 gallons a day just always keep a water bottle with you and force yourself to sip it all the time for a few days ... after that you'll do it out of habit and won't even notice

  5. THe water in your shakes does count as a part of your water intake

  6. dude if your not willing to drink water.....I would give up lifting entirely

  7. The easiest way for me to get down 2 gallons is to fill up a gallon jug before bed, and then drink that by around noon. Then i refill the jug and try to finish it around 9. It's a lot easier for me then refilling a water bottle all day long.


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