Help with macro nutrient ratios

  1. Help with macro nutrient ratios

    What would be the best macro nutrient ratios for a female during cutting?? Is there a formula that I can use or can someone just tell me (would prefer a formula).

  2. As a guy I can't really recommend a formula (I use a 40/40/20), but once someone can you should check out the ratio search at (under the 'Tools' tab at the top). It's helped me out a lot.

  3. 40/40/20 is a good starting point for anyone. Start there and reduce carbs as nesesary.

  4. Thanks guys for the info. went to the site ... interesting. I think however I will stick with the 40/40/20.

  5. ADA reccommends roughly 55% carb 20% protein 25% fat. it's doable but your carbohydrates must be complex low-GI, or you won't make as fast progress. whatever you choose, good luck. myself i use a 50% carb 30% protein and 20% fat. that is just dietary. i also take 6g fish oil/day, flax seed oil, and MCT's, so that ratio is slightly off



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