Carbing Up and Dosing up on Off Days???

  1. Lightbulb Carbing Up and Dosing up on Off Days???

    Seems like most people who vary amounts of carbs or doses of PH/PS's from day to day do so by raising the amounts on workout days. That always seemed logical to me, but I was wondering recently if it might be better the other way around...... (I'm hoping that some of our experts will have some feedback).

    .....If we grow when we're NOT working out, wouldn't those be the times to have extra macronutrients and/or androgens at work? As long as the workout days have sufficient amounts, shouldn't the hyper doses be during rest/growth? Of course, this would not apply to things such as MDHT, 3-Alpha, M5AA and such which are used particularly for immediate action. Any takes on this?

  2. bump for any opinions. Is this a stupid idea, or might it have some merit?

  3. from what ive seen and sort of experinced and deem to be logical
    on any androgen- every day eat more and keep phs at the same base level

    theres a saturation to how much the body can do-and even with added substances theres still a point where too much= overkill which is not good

    and p.h's arent that strong strength and partioning wise- so dont treat em like theyre anything more then OTC supps like creatine-

    if im wrong- **** it- he wanted an opinion

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