All natural peanutbutter?

  1. All natural peanutbutter?

    Do I have to refrigerate the peanutbutter after I open it?  Or can I store it at room temperature?

  2. Room Temp.

  3. Says on most bottles of natty pb to put it in the frigde, which is what I always do. Doubt it would spoil though, not sure...

  4. Always just left mine in the cabinet, wont denature or spoil.

  5. yeh... I like it cold personally either way don't matter tho... eventually nuts and **** turns rancid, but only if left open and sitting out for long, long ass time. this won't be a problem, cause we LOOVE natty pb!

  6. I refrigerate it after opening... the Smuckers brand label says todo so.

    While on this, a good trick (that someone told me on another board) to make mixing the oil and the butter easier (due to the separation) is to put the jar upside down in the fridge after you get home from buying it and let it sit for a day or two, then open it and stir... makes it alot easier.

  7. Keep it in the cabinet. Can't stand trying to spread cold peanut butter. Pisses me off.

  8. Give Cashew or Almond Butter a try. I think after doing so, you will not return to the Peanut least for some time.

  9. refrigerate. not an issue of denatural the product however my brand (adam's) get too liquidfied if left out for longer than an hour. what biggin' said as well, i prefer my pb on the colder side. personally, ive tried both cashew/almond butter and no way they touch peanut. Sage

  10. maybe try to add a little value to the pb thread (not to imply that this is a weak thread or anything, heh... just throwing this in here for you guys)

    High-monounsaturated fatty acid diets lower both plasma cholesterol and triacylglycerol concentrations.

    Kris-Etherton PM, Pearson TA, Wan Y, Hargrove RL, Moriarty K, Fishell V, Etherton TD.

    Graduate Program in Nutrition, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA. [email protected]

    BACKGROUND: Low-fat diets increase plasma triacylglycerol and decrease HDL-cholesterol concentrations, thereby potentially adversely affecting cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. High-monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), cholesterol-lowering diets do not raise triacylglycerol or lower HDL cholesterol, but little is known about how peanut products, a rich source of MUFAs, affect CVD risk. OBJECTIVE: The present study compared the CVD risk profile of an Average American diet (AAD) with those of 4 cholesterol-lowering diets: an American Heart Association/National Cholesterol Education Program Step II diet and 3 high-MUFA diets [olive oil (OO), peanut oil (PO), and peanuts and peanut butter (PPB)]. DESIGN: A randomized, double-blind, 5-period crossover study design (n = 22) was used to examine the effects of the diets on serum lipids and lipoproteins: AAD [34% fat; 16% saturated fatty acids (SFAs), 11% MUFAs], Step II (25% fat; 7% SFAs, 12% MUFAs), OO (34% fat; 7% SFAs, 21% MUFAs), PO (34% fat; 7% SFAs, 17% MUFAs), and PPB (36% fat; 8% SFAs, 18% MUFAs). RESULTS: The high-MUFA diets lowered total cholesterol by 10% and LDL cholesterol by 14%. This response was comparable with that observed for the Step II diet. Triacylglycerol concentrations were 13% lower in subjects consuming the high-MUFA diets and were 11% higher with the Step II diet than with the AAD. The high-MUFA diets did not lower HDL cholesterol whereas the Step II diet lowered it by 4% compared with the AAD. The OO, PO, and PPB diets decreased CVD risk by an estimated 25%, 16%, and 21%, respectively, whereas the Step II diet lowered CVD risk by 12%. CONCLUSION: A high-MUFA, cholesterol-lowering diet may be preferable to a low-fat diet because of more favorable effects on the CVD risk profile.

  11. I keep mine refrigerated just because the oil separates and makes the PB all liquidy and gross. Keeping it cold seems to hinder that process...

  12. Help me out here.. I couldnt find this info, so it may be bogus... I read a post once (believe it was on, so I cant vouch for its accuracey ) that you refrigerate natural peanut butter because of a fungus or mold that supposedly grows on peanuts while they are at room temperature, and becuase its all natural, there is nothing in it to prevent this... and this mold or fungus can cause some serious illness...

    can anyone confirm this, or is it typical hearsay BS?

  13. It sits on the shelf at room temperature at the store. Normal peanuts sit at room temperature in a jar. I've had mine out in room temp for a long time. I dunno, I think its bull****

  14. i remember reading that also, it was at

  15. well actually ive heard about the fungus, but i only believe it happens on whole peanuts, not after its made in to PB. and i seriously doubt PB goes racid at room temp. why would natty pb be any different from regular. but i keep mine in the frig because if i dont, after i stir it, it all starts to settle so i end up with liquidy stuff at the top, then when i hit the bottom its all dry. so i suggest the frig.

  16. After mixing the PB very good i keep it upsidedown in the fridge, it never seperates or gets hard.


    Q. Do I have to refrigerate Smucker's peanut butter?

    A. The food items we produce are classified as non-perishable. Refrigeration is not necessary, although it does slow down the oil-separation process.

    I think this answers the question.


  18. straight from the horse's mouth

  19. cool.. .works for me.. I much prefer it room temperature... thx for the link!


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