Nutrition Noob, need reccommendation.

  1. Nutrition Noob, need reccommendation.

    Ok, here is what I have for my next and 3rd aas cycle and I have never paid attention to nutrition due to my high metabolism, but from what I understand, protein intake should be maximized, so I have a thing of "Muscle Milk" sitting in the corner of my room and planning on taking it daily. I'm usually away from the house, so my lunch is usually fast food, so which would be better- a double whopper, a chick-fil-a chicken sandwich, a or grilled chicken sub from subway? Also what are some basic nutrition info for aas users. Can I still drink alcohol twice a week or so? Thanks.

  2. Basic nutrition info for aas users, would be to learn about nutrition before even attempting to obtain steroids. I suggest you spend a lot of time reading as much as you can, before going on your next cycle. Drinking alcohol on a cycle is hindering to your gains, and your liver. I suggest you put the alcohol down while on cycle. Please spend some time researching nutrition and aas, before posting another thread like this on this board.

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