Could use a little help/advice

  1. Could use a little help/advice

    Goal : Clean Bulk

    Could use a little help with my diet. I really wished more people would post there diet, but I guess a lot of people don't keep up with it. I am having somewhat of a hard time putting on muscle and keeping fat the **** off my lovehandles. This diet went great for a few months, but I think it is time to change it up. I am going to start adding cardio to my workout schedule 4 times a week (Treadmill - 3mph @ 5% incline for 45-50 min). Workouts are pretty intense/heavy (6-10 reps, when I get to 10 reps for 3 sets I move weight up) and are done Monday (Chest/Bi's), Wensday (Legs/Shoulders) and Friday (Back/Tri's) with weighted ab work at the end of each session. I am 5'9" and weigh 174lbs (dry,morning) @ 12%bf and struggling to get good, quality carbs incorporated into my diet. The dextrose is getting trashed and I am looking to add low GI carbs. I am only going to be in school for another month and then will graduate. Obviously, when I get control of the shopping list and move out, then Bobo will be receiving a call. Until then I am stuck w/ eating what I have around the house. Any suggestions, flames, compliments are welcome. Thanks
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  2. i see a couple things. if you're trying to lean up, i wouldn't have carbs higher than protein intake. and, 1/3 bag of popcorn for a meal? that's a new one.

  3. haha, I know but didn't want to leave it off causing the numbers to be inaccurate. I am planning on getting as many carbs away from fatty meals as possible and eat carbs w/ protein or protein w/ fat, but never carbs + fats. Just wanting to try something new. Thanks Beezle.

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