Help planning a Nutrition strategy for my wife

  1. Help planning a Nutrition strategy for my wife

    Here's the deal. My wife is 5' 7" about 155lbs. She does cardio 3 days a week, and some form of core strengthening (Pilates, yoga, etc.) 3 days, and takes Sunday off. She wants to lose weight and bodyfat without ECA or other stims, but is not completely adverse to the idea of supplementation. Her diet is the main thing that is not in check. Would anyone be willing to give suggestions for daily calorie intake, timing of meals, and meal ideas.

    BTW, we hardly eat any processed foods. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also, there is no timetable for this, but I'm sure she wants to look good for the summer.

  2. Well, could you talk her into a cortisol suppressant? No overt sides like the ECA probably. And if she has her favorite foods, as long as they are healthy foods like you say, then she could start by just cutting totally calories but still eating as she likes.

  3. Are there any websites I can go to that have weekly meal planners with calorie counters or something to that effect?

  4. Oh yeah, I'm sure there is a lot of good and free info out there if you run a search. I am personally not familiar with any specific sites, maybe someone who is will speak up and give you some good links.

  5. is a popular site. I used to use it, to track my calories.



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