New products added to my "dailies"

  1. New products added to my "dailies"

    Help me out on my doseages.

    Product #1
    2 softgels contain:

    200 IU Vit E
    20mg B6
    400mcg folic acid
    50 mcg B12
    180mg EPA
    120mg DHA
    10mg policosanol (same as Red rice yeast???)
    30mg Q-10

    Recomended: 2 softgels per day

    Product #2

    1 cap contains:

    50 mg Dandelion
    100mg Milk Thistle (80% standardized)
    175mg trimethyl glycine
    100mg NAC
    75mg ALA

    Recommended: 1 cap, 3 times daily.
    The question is that I know these products have good ingredients but I think the doseages are low for people of our lifestyle.

    Was looking to hear suggestions if these are worthwhile produces and if so what doseages to follow daily.


  2. Wrong forum bro....might not get many responses here...

  3. well, where the hell does it go?

  4. ...supplements, maybe??



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