1. So I've been on a carb nites diet for the past 4 months up till this past sat went I participated in my first meet. Now I'm switching to a iifym diet mainly cause I missed carbs so here's my question

    I'm 32 currently 220ish +/-2-3lbs 5' 10"And according to the machine at the gym I'm around 17% body fat +/- 2%The site gave me the following 306 carbs 183 pro and 64 fat which I think came to about 2532 does that seem right to everyone

    I know that if u can make it fit in my diet I can but should I limit anything such as fruit or dairy to like a couple savings a day cause for the past few I've had some sort of fruit with every meal and should I closely monitor sugar. Also bare mind about 2 years this month I weighted 400lbs don't know if it matters but I want u guys to know any factors that may come into play

    Thanks for your help dmax

  2. Anyone got something to add? Any advice

  3. Do you know how many calories you've been eating the past four months prior to switching to iifym? Were you still dropping weight, or did you plateau?

  4. Sorry, phone is being dumb.

  5. I was sitting at about 2450 when I stopped. About 185-200 protein 30 carbs and rest fat

    The only reason for the bit of an increase was because that's what the site said and I wanted a good base to start and see how the carb effect me so I was planning on staying at that intake and monitor my weight and strength

  6. That seems like a fine jump. I doubt you'll see any fat gain by increasing you're cals by 100ish if you're training hard. If anything you should see more strength and energy in terms of increased mental focus from the glucose spikes. If you were at a plateau before you started it may help you bust through. Just monitor the scale and your energy for a week or two and go by how you feel. A refeed thrown in every 7-10 days might be ideal to refill your glycogen stores as well. Maybe like 2.9-3kcals. Just thoughts.

  7. Thanks I'm hoping this does the trick
    Was getting sick of chicken cheese and oil lol


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