is my weight staying the same because im adding muscle?

  1. is my weight staying the same because im adding muscle?

    just curious........ first off i got in a car accident so i havent worked out in about a year so im a little chubby around the mid section bf% is around 22 but ive been down to about a 8. in the past 3 weeks ive gotten back in the gym and started dieting. i havent cheated my diet once in 3 weeks. my diet consists of around 2200 calories about 230 grams of protein low carbs low fat. im doing cardio 6 days a week burning 450 calories per session. im lifting great with a normal split back/bis chest/tris legs. my weight hasnt changed 1 lb since i started its stuck at 213. my goals before i started this was basically trading in 25lbs of fat for 25lbs of muscle. is my lack of weight changing meaning its working? thanks for any replies

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    It sounds like you are recomping, but to be sure get your bodyfat tested (not electronicly!) and then figure out how many calories you need for your goals. If you get your BF tested on a regular basis you can see if you are indeed losing fat while putting on muscle or if you are just spinning your wheels in mud for nothing.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't jump to any negative conclusions. It's hard to know without a test. If you don't want to bother with a test, just make a pledge to stick to it for several months and even if the weight doesn't change you will see results. I also suggest taking a before full body photo. Your body changes in such small amounts sometimes it's hard to notice the changes.

  4. also, it could be you need a cheat meal to jumpstart your metabolism again.

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