I need help loosing weight

  1. Question I need help loosing weight

    I am 5'10" and 260lbs. I want to loose a lot of weght, but I would like to build muscle too. I need some suggestions for a diet.

  2. Seems to me you need to work on cutting before building muscle, as always muscle weights more than fat so you may want to think on this.....Makes sense huh? and I say this because I used to be really fat, and I had to decide, lean out or build......so I built first ( powerlifted) than I decided to lean out....I might suggest to lean first......I always do things the hard way........

  3. sign up with bobo .. its worth the money trust me

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wranglergirl
    as always muscle weights more than fat so you may want to think on this.....Makes sense huh?
    Would two pounds of fat weigh more than one pound of muscle? Just joking around, but I see a lot of people saying muscle weighs more than fat when in actuality one pound is one pound. Muscle is more dense than fat, so one pound of fat would have a larger volume than one pound of muscle.

  5. Take a look at what you eat... Fast food, sugar cereal, whole milk and anything high fat goes out the window..
    I am taller and older and was heavier than you. I started simple, no more soda or sugar in my coffee and added diet ice tea.
    Then moved on to no Pizza, Strombolis, Cheese steaks, hoagies,Ribs and fried foods..

    Also take it slow, not too many changes at once. The weight will come off. Don`t beat yourself up if you slip just get back to it.. You must EXERCISE to maintain musle...

  6. EEMain is steering you right - take it to heart!

  7. right on eemain
    Eating right gets really easy once you learn about nutrition more and more, cuz its like hey why am i gonna put this crap in my diet if its just gonna make me unhealthy and put me backwords instead of foward.

    keep inmind one or two cheat meals a week are manditory. Wich is more then enuff for me or anyone whos tryin to get in great shape.

  8. I started off with the Body For Life book, and after seeing results i fell in love with the sport. I will tell you though not to watch the scale all the time. Your body will start changing but the weight may not move. I got very aggrevated with this until i realized that i was gaining muscle, and thinning out very well. But try the book it lays it down for meals that are easy to stick without getting to technical right off the bat.


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