Wardog needs help with a 10 year old!

  1. Wardog needs help with a 10 year old!

    Well guys, I am finally out of my element here. My GF (who most of you have heard about in chat) has 2 boys. The youngest, is 10, and unfortunatly, has a weight problem. He has a good sized gut on him at 130 pounds, considering he is only 5'1" or so. This weight issue is definetly affecting his self esteem. He is good with discipline, in reguards to eating, so if we get him on something, he probably will stick to it..as well as any 10 year old could.

    Now I know good diet plans for adults, and I know all the chemical goodies..for ADULTS. I am out of my element here, considering he is 10, a good solid fina cycle wouldn't be a good idea

    So I ask you gents with more experience than I. What would you do with an overweight 10 year old, who despratly DOES want to lose weight? How do we shed this little one of his gut?

    Thanks to all of you


  2. actually I wouldn't think to be too difficult once some changes are made... how active is he, and what kinds of sports/activities does he like? thought of something else, you know even if there are any hangups with things like team sports (initial doubt/self esteem, etc) you can easily do things like set aside time here and there to do things one on one, frisbee, walk/jog, football, cycling, even golf can be a good initial approach what with all the walking... keeping things flexible and an open mind is important. good luck with everything WD, shouldn't be a problem, he's young

  3. Get him active! He's 10 years old, he's got to like running around and playing baseketball, baseball, swimming, grab ass, etc. I know its hard to tell an overweight 10 year old to gather up some friends to play basketball, because of the self esteem issue, but he's got a killer chance to rid himself of fat and future problems related to being overweight now at a young age. Not sure what he eats, but Im sure with Wardog in his presence, he doesnt have swiss cake rolls all day, but get him to drink a good amount of waterand like I said, get him up and out and about. Take him to the gym with you if you can, let him walk on the treadmill or go play basketball ( a lot of guys at my gym do this and we dont mind).

  4. Wrestling will cut him down to size.

    Just don't make him cut weight. The activity alone is enough. SPORTS!

  5. I was a Cub and Boy Scout leader for twelve years and some of the things you may come up with would be aimed at what you, as an adult, like to do.  One thing that gets a ten year old going is a campout where you hike in to the site (not far for the first one), carry your food on your back and teach him how to cook it over the fire.  Great experience for both of you and a good way to get him to not only trust you but build his self esteem; not much better feeling for a ten year old than to build a fire and cook his own meal.  Around the campfire that night is a good time to talk man-to-man about positive changes he can make but don't come on too strong because, at that age, he'll tune you out and think you're just down on him.  Be his friend, build his trust and he'll follow you into battle.  Good luck and keep us posted.

  6. Ive noticed , even since I was a kid, that I rarely see kids playing outside anymore. They are all inside stuffing their faces with Oreo's and eating Hungry Man breakfasts.

  7. i echo the same as most everyone else said. if you can get him involved in sports...and the one-on-one stuf will help build him up to the point that maybe he'll have some interest in playing bb, football, or whatever. the camping idea is a good thing too....and i'd bet if you get him interested in some of these things, especially with your support, it wont be long before he'll have shed that fat and most importantly his confidence and self-esteem will improve alot. good luck...

  8. Damn WD that title scared me for a sec. "Wardog needs help with a ten year old" I would just say get him into a sport and cut out all the crap like soda and ****. I dont really know a diet for a ten year old either



  9. Exercise, exercise, exercise....

    and if I has will power like you say he does....

    KETO! (sorry YJ)

    Low Carbohydrate Dieting Increases Weight Loss but not Cardiovascular Risk in Obese Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Sondike, S.B., Copperman, N.M., Jacobson, M.S., "Low Carbohydrate Dieting Increases Weight Loss but not Cardiovascular Risk in Obese Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial," Journal of Adolescent Health, 26, 2000, page 91.

    This study tested whether a low-carbohydrate diet that did not restrict calories would be more successful in promoting weight loss than a low-fat, low-calorie diet. Researchers also tested to see if such a diet would have negative effects on blood lipid profiles, thus increasing cardiovascular risk. To test their hypothesis, they recruited 39 obese adolescents for the study; 20 were placed in a low-carbohydrate diet group while 19 were placed in a low-fat diet group. Subjects in the low-carbohydrate group were allowed to consume as much protein and fat as they wanted, so long as carbohydrate intake remained below 20 grams for the first two weeks and below 40 grams for the next nine weeks. Members of the low-fat group were instructed to consume fewer than 40 grams of fat per day. The low carbohydrate group participants consumed an average of 1,830 calories per day while those in the low-fat group consumed 1,100 calories per day. Both groups showed improvement in HDL ("good") cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol. The improvement in triglycerides was much more pronounced in the low-carbohydrate group. Eating 700 more calories per day than the low-fat group, the low-carbohydrate group lost twice as much weight (an average loss of 48 pounds for the low-carbohydrate group versus an average of 20 pounds for the low-fat group). Neither diet had any effect on liver or kidney function. The researchers concluded that the low-carbohydrate diet significantly improved weight loss despite a higher caloric intake. Also, contrary to their hypothesis, despite increased fat intake, the cardiovascular risk profile did not worsen, but in fact improved in certain aspects including HDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

  10. Oh yeah, and make sure he stays away from those wardog bars.......mmm...tasty

  11. Thanks for all the replys guys, you are all a great help. Once the weather gets warmer, he gets extremely active, so it really is more of a diet issue it seems. Thanks for the keto diet info, I will look it over carefully.

    Any more help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks bros,

  12. Putting a 10 year old kid on keto? God, why dont you just give him DNP

  13. What kind of dosage of DNP bro?


  14. Wardog, I gotta believe that if he just eats clean that will take care of diet. Lots of veg fruit meat and no whote flour or sweetened stuff. At 10 that should be enough especially when you think about how kids go through spurts one way or the other.

  15. There is tons of stuff he can do. I agree with wrestling it cuts you up fast. If not that then other sports but then again when i was a child i always had a wieght problem after the 3rd grade cause parents divorced and they were feeding me stuff to keep me happy. What did it for me was wrestling and freestyle fighting. I played soccer and all that stuff ran alot and it didn;t do ****e for me. Didn;t have a good diet so thats the foundation of it all. Martial arts would be good i suggest brazilian jiu-jitsu or muay thai because those are some of the only affective martial arts out there or if you can find freestyle fighting. They have to do lots of bbody wieght exercises and at the same time he'll learn hwo to deal with other kids who try to give him **** about his wieght. Good stuff right there man. Get a phone call about him choking some kid out at school or putting another kid in an ankle lock or armbar. Or bashing his knee into some kids face...it's kind of sick but i love it.

  16. Wardog,

    Keep track of his food intake for a few weeks. All meals, foods, and calories must be written down. After a few weeks, there may be a problem sticking out like a sore thumb.

    The problem is probably the same as the rest of society: too many carbs, especially sugar.

    If you find from the diet tracking that he is eating too many carbs, go with about five meals a day, moderate to high protein, low carb, and moderate fat. No soft drinks, candy, ice cream, or any of that, except every once in a while.

    Increase activity. Structured, unstructured, isn't really important. Just try to get him to do something he enjoys doing.

  17. Try to get him away from that damned tv/computer. Keep him active. If he doesn't want to play organized sports don't push it. There are a lot of other ways to get exercise.

    Remember he is 10 years old and probably emotionally insecure. If you catch him sneaking a treat don't chastise him. Only bring it up if he comes to you and says I have tried everything and it just doesn't work. Then it's o.k. to bring up the fact that he isn't sticking to his diet. Basically, remember he is a child trying to do something that most adults don't have the self discipline to accomplish.

    Best of luck. You are a good Bro' for trying to help this boy.


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