cutting > bulking water gain?

  1. cutting > bulking water gain?

    im currently moving from a cutting diet (long cutting diet, like 1year+) now im ready to bulk
    i've told myself im only going to increase calories when i dont gain 1lb/week
    so i started increasing calories slowly, starting off at 2500(took a week off that week) then moved to 2750, only gained 0.5lbs, then moved to a little under 3000, gained 1lb, then 2.2lbs (added extra sodium this week, new cottage cheese, not low-sodium!) then this week 1.5lbs, all on 3000calories

    now heres the thing, im 6'4 and currently weigh 189.8lbs (started at 184lbs so in theory i should maintain on 3000calories, but it seems im still putting on more weight, im guessing this is water weight (that and my metabolism is probly slow from a year of dieting) but im wondering how much should i expect to gain in water!?

    thanks for any replies!

  2. If I were you I'd hold steady there for a while, say a couple months, then look to see if your average weight gain is between 4 and 6lb. Honestly you should be able to push cals farther than that but for right now hold the course man.

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