2 cheat or not 2 cheat....that is my question.

  1. 2 cheat or not 2 cheat....that is my question.

    im on a shredding diet at the moment but i here conflicting arguments on if i should give myself a cheat day 1 day a week. i here taking in alot of calories 1 day will keep my body guessing and promote fat burning but im still not sure if its correct. any thoughts ? thanks

  2. I would personally go w/a cheat meal, and not an entire cheat day. go w/a high carb, high protein, low fat meal. My favorite is past w/marinara sauce, and grilled chicken breasts. For me the cheat meal helps me to manage my cravings throughout the week, and gives me something to look forward to.

  3. i can never get myself to cheat weekly, even though i should, im always like "i'll do in next week" but never do because i cant figure out what i want, or im doing something different to my diet so i dont wanna interfere so i get some good feedback
    im probly too obsessive about these things! i usually just have a big cheat on special occations like b'days, easter, chistmas, etc...

  4. Jeez, just eatthe cheat meal. I have gotten to 5% eating chineese once a week. ...And I'm not talking about steamed crap. It's fried apetizers all the way til I can;t eat anymore.

    If you have all your ducks in a row, The cheat will be good for you. If for no other reason than to keep you sane.

  5. Chinese is so good. Crab Rangoon and General Tso's chicken with pork fried rice please

    Right now I'm cutting and usually in the first 2-3 weeks of cutting I won't eat a cheat meal. Then after that I eat one a week for sanity and to reward myself for busting ass through the week.

  6. right now im not craving to bad but once the mcrib comes back around i know im going to be in BIG TROUBLE

  7. Quote Originally Posted by iwinulose2980
    right now im not craving to bad but once the mcrib comes back around i know im going to be in BIG TROUBLE
    Mc Rib?? Oh God....

    That's what a Mc rib would do to my GI tract.

  8. I do it just for the sanity. If I had my way Mcdonalds would taste exactly the same but be low crab, high protein and rich in good fats. AHHHHH
  9. A.I.
    A.I.'s Avatar

    Cheat! Cheat! Cheat! It will pay off for you, just don't make it a bad habit where it reoccurs all the time lol

  10. u have to cheat eating garbage makes us happy
    i try and only cheat on the weekends but according to body builders i cheat every single day cuz im eating alot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread.


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