Interesting facts from Fitness magazine

  1. Interesting facts from Fitness magazine

    Okay, "Fitness" is a women's health magazine and has never been a very good source of information in my opinion. But since my sister has a subscription I skim through the pages sometimes. The April issue has a section full of little health facts. Some of them were interesting:

    "A study at Iowa state university showed that inorder to fully absorb anti-oxidants from vegetables you need to consume at least 6 grams of fat at the same time. People who use non-fat salad dressing absorbed a significantly smaller amount of carotenoids than those who use a full fat dressing."

    That comes as no surprise to me. I still cringe whenever I hear of somebody going on a "low fat" diet.

    "According to Bonnie J. RD, taking 10,000 extra steps in a day is enough to take the place of a 30 minute workout."

    Now that I find particularly rediculous and just proves why I really don't like this magazine and feel bad for women who get fed all this misinformation. Seriously, the magazine has always been littered with bad tips like this. Walking 10,00 steps will take the place of a good workout.

    "The 10 pound increase in Americans' average weight caused airlines to spend and extra $275 million on fuel in 2000."

    Absolutely hilarious! Soon, plane tickets will be sold by the pound.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis
    Absolutely hilarious! Soon, plane tickets will be sold by the pound.
    Not a bad idea actually. Might shame some of those morbidly obese ****ers who routinely buy two seats for their fat asses to trim up a bit if they have to weight in to travel. Personally, I prefer to fly with the chickens in a cargo plane. More room, throw in a portable grill and there's fresh healthy food right there.

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