Do Not Eat This Product!!

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  1. man that food doesnt even look good enough to feed my dog! 64 grams of fat...thats just rediculas!

  2. Anabolic wholesome breakfast.



  3. Hungry man breakfast + fina and test = would work for me.

    Thats about the ONLY time I would even go near that. Actually tho, it needs another 20-30 grams of protein in it for me to even onsider eating it.

  4. thats pretty thing you know some fat kid is going to sue swanson for making them fat....and saying they though it was supposed to be "good" for them to eat for breakfast.


    ALso..I'm not sure if you people know what "boston Market" is.  Its a sort of fast food chain..well its fast food, but fast "home cooked" food.  Has the meat loaf, carved turkey breast..etc.


    They have frozen boston market dinners, and there was one in my freezer at home (no i didn't eat it).  Lets say there was about 4-5 oz of "meat loaf" and maybe 1 or 2 ice cream scoops full of "mashed potatos".   If I remember correctly, this thing had about 800+ cals in it, and 68 grams of fat.  I had to call a friend right after I read it.  I mentioned that to my mother and step father...needless to say..I think someone ate it by the following day.



  5. didn't know u said it already msclbldrguy...about the lawsuits...true **** though

  6. Originally posted by hamper19
    didn't know u said it already msclbldrguy...about the lawsuits...true **** though
    true dat...and it just frosts my ass that folks have no more care or take any responsibility for themselves than to eat crap like this and other junk then blame the manufacturers...well, i'd better point in beating a dead horse.

  7. This is yummy too;

    A mere 1,170 percent of the RDA of cholesterol.

  8. diabetes is a box...


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