gain weight and muscle mass?

  1. gain weight and muscle mass?

    how and where do i get started?

  2. Start eating a solid diet and get a solid weight training program. That is how you get started. Just search this site and you will find everything you need to know about diet and training. What are you doing right now with your diet and training?

  3. honestly im not doing anything....but i want something that wont be slow progress

  4. Well if you arent doing anything, if you get a solid diet and lifting program you should explode. Aim for at least 1g of protein/lb of body weight, preferably 1.5-2g/lb, and for carbs shoot for at least 2g/lb. Search around for different training programs and find one that you like best and give it a try.

  5. so anabolics are not good 2 start with?

  6. and do me a favor.. get the right damn forum.. thank you..

  7. are you crazy, you havent even started lifting yet and you already wanna go to aas? Get about 3 solid years of training in before even thinking about aas. Weight increase doesnt happen over night. Train hard, eat alot of good food and, you will grow.

  8. so anabolics are not good 2 start with?
    In my view anyone who goes straight to anabolics when they start are just lazy. They just dont want to put in the effort which is sad. I know someone who lifted for a MONTH and then decided to run a cycle, not only did he lose all his gains but hes even more lazy and doesnt work out anymore. Just my 2 cents

  9. I agree with Punta.

    Get diet and training in order. FIRST.

    AAS are not magic, they will not really help much without proper diet and training. Additionally, most guys can reach their goals without having to break the law or poke themselves a few times a week.

    I wish it were magic, and that I could take a few pills or shots and have the body that I want, but that is not the case. It takes work, dedication, consistency and, time.

  10. yea, bodybuilding has to become a part of ur LIFE!

    It takes at least a few months to figure out a routine that works for you, let alone a diet! so seriously, don't even think about it anytime soon.


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