cardio and weight gain?

  1. cardio and weight gain?

    a friend of mine recently started riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes everyday.

    weighed in the first day and he weighed 212. on the fourth day he weighed 214. his diet is not bad and

    he limits carb intake. can anyone explain to me why he gained 2 lbs? also he weighs himself at the same time


  2. could have had a lot of sodium the 2 days before and be holding a lot of water ... there are lots of variables ... maybe he just needed to take a big dump ... 4 days isn't that long

  3. Bump, TRUE,TRUE Glenihan

  4. once a week would be the max I would weigh myself. Weight fluctuates day to day

  5. he also needs to eat like 5-6 times a day and when his body gets use to this and his metabolism starts kicking in high then he will start dropping, make sure he is eating regularly to stay out of the starvation mode

  6. yea, i figured it was the sodium intake. thanks for the input fellas


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