is this a bulking diet or a shredding diet?

  1. is this a bulking diet or a shredding diet?

    first off im 5'11 213 i currently gained about 40lbs in the last year thanks to quitting smoking but before that i was a serious hard im looking to just cut the fat and gain the muscle but stay about the same weight. does this diet reflect the goals im trying to achieve?

    10am 8 egg whites 2 pieces of wheat toast

    12pm 1 orange and a cup of cottage cheese 1% milk fat

    2pm 2 packages of seasoned tuna on wheat toast

    4pm 2 chicken breasts cup of brown rice cup of green beans

    6pm protein shake and another orange

    8pm either 2 stripsteaks,2chicken breasts,or 2 salmon fillets with a cup of veggies and a cup of rice

    10pm 2 packages of tuna

    i lift 3 days a week and do cardio 30min 5 days a week

    supplements -im currently taking just phosphagen and the protein shakes.

    any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated thank you

  2. looks like you can cut on that ... i would throw in some flaxseed oil to get some EFA in there because at the moment you have almost no fat ... why white toast in the morning?

  3. i screwed up i ment to say wheat toast. where can i get flax at? do i just throw it in my shakes? if so about how much

    thanks for the reply

  4. I thinks that is more of a lean bulk. Depends on your body type. Drop the white toast and put in a bowl of oatmeal, and up your good fats.

  5. as for my body type i was basically a skinny kid very lean when i was smoking but when i quit all this fat just came out of nowhere.

  6. Just my general observation; correlate your meal plan into actual data (macronutrients) rather than a menu. I always use an excel spread sheet when planning my diet. I input the values first and then select the food choices to meet my values. I am a minimalist and eat for nutritional purposes rather than pleasure so my menu is not for everyone.

    If you are looking to loose weight than eat at about 10-12x BW (depending on metabolism), with protein at least 1g/lb BW, fat at about 20% calories (I go with 20% because I eat a lot of EFA) and the balance from low GI CHO. Depending on your response to CHO you can raise the protein and reduce the carbs. Eat a majority of your carbs around your workouts.

    Ultimately your need a caloric number (in addition to a nice menu) to go with your BW weight so you have values to adjust to reach your goals.

    JMO...good luck
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  7. then if your take my suggestions, I think you will be fine

  8. sounds good thanks


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