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  1. Thumbs up diet latenight

    i am currently on a cutting cycle and the gym i go to is always crowded around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. me and my bro decided to go around 9:30 at night a couple of days a week. the majority of the carbs i am consuming come from postworkout and i would think that eating all those simple carbs late at night would hurt me more than help. should i discontinue the latenight workout? also if there are bros out there that have done this latenight thing while cutting let me know how it turned out.



  2. just an opinion, but I also work out around 8:30-9ish. I wouldn't say the carbs post workout are hurting, if taken in moderation and the correct type. Because they are directly convereted back into the energy you burned off during the workout, they won't sit and turn into sugars/fat while you are asleep. Also, how fast do you go to bed after your workout?

  3. . i usually go to bed about an hour to an hour and a half after i get back from the gym. BOHICA, how many carbs are you consuming post workout? i usually shoot for 100g. followed with around 50g protein. also i am not completely understanding your comment "I wouldn't say the carbs post workout are hurting, if taken in moderation and the correct type"

  4. It seems that if you eat a reasonable amount (60-80g) of simple carbs they will all be used to replenish stores and assist in protein uptake, even late in the day (if it's your post-w/o deal). If you go overboard, you might be at risk, and you might want to use a combo of simple/complex carbs anyway. Also, it would be good to have your post-w/o thing with fast protein and simple or combo carbs, then a good dose of slow protein again before bed, or in the middle of the night. That way you wont go catabolic during the long night. Bobo can probably give you some more scientific ideas.

  5. Im cutting right now and i workout around 8:30 or so and get done around 9:30 or so and i take in 75gs simple carbs and then 75 gs of oatmeal or brown rice for my PWWO and go to bed soon after and it has not hurt me one bit. I was taken 100 gs right after and then like 50 or so before bed but figured id split them up. Also like people have said before , just because ur asleep doesnt mean the carbs will store as fat, there are much more metabolic processes you still go through while in ur sleep so i dont believe they will store. I think ull be alright as long as the rest of ur diet is in check.

  6. thanks bros.


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