Ground turkey and oats meatloaf

  1. Ground turkey and oats meatloaf

    I saw a recipe for this a while ago on this board, but I cant find it. Does anyone have a recipe for meatloaf using these ingredients?

  2. no one! someone must know

  3. good stuff, thanks man

  4. I'll have to try that one for sure.

  5. Oat meatloaf.. one more to add to my ever expanding menu..

  6. when i usually make mine i use, ground turkey, onion, green pepper, oats, eggs, salt, pepper, ketchup, cook at 350 for 40 mins.. I am in the middle of moving so everything is boxed up but if still interested i can give all details and nutrional information. The one above sounds really good though, think i may have to try that one next

  7. yea, give the recipe when you get the chance


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