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    Hey I'm a guy with a small build, I'm 20 years old 140lbs (Asian?) I'm not looking to bulk until next winter but I would like to cut to a low body fat percentage for summer what should I eat? Currently I've cut carbs and increased protein like crazy right now I have 3cans of tuna 90g protein total and 1can of salmon with 90g grams of protein I spread these out over the day so 180g total and nothing else except water I'm not entirely hungry even though it's around 1000 calories I'm looking to have a deficit so to loose the fat covering my abs,etc by body fat is around 19% having the no carbs is a bummer I feel so dead at times then at others I feel so Alive I need some input...thx guys

    Ok well I guess I'll help u out. First of all you need to do more research on everything. Diet and exercise. Speaking of exercise what kind do you do? And when it comes to BF % diet is 90% of it IMO. A good diet whether a weight gaining diet or weight loss diet is all about balance of carbs, fat, protein. Having no carbs is unhealthy and miserable and won't get you shredded. Not to mention all the ketones make you smell like ****. Look into everything you're doing. Knowledge is power.

    Download Myfitnesspal it should really help you to track your calories and will tell you your RMR it will pretty much set you up.

  2. at 140 I wouldn't do too much cutting. instead do more building of muscle. the more you carry the easier it will be for your to not only get ripped but stay looking ripped.
    instead of full on cutting I think you should try recomping which is to say "lose fat while gaining muscle" you could do this very easily since you sound like your faily new to all this.
    there are some good supplements to help you get there tho.
    Forsolin 95% extract at about 75 mgs per for a guy your size will help tremendously as will some of the top teir fat burners like IFNs new thermoxyn.
    diet will be the most important part of this equasion.
    1000 calories is so low that you can actually harm your endocrine system. absolutely start eating more. if you don't want so many carbs that's fine but you need to take in a lot of fats to replace them with. at your current weight I would be eating 1400-1800 calories per day just to stay the same weight. and that's saying you don't do any exercise.
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