Help critiquing meal Plan Thanks!!!

  1. Help critiquing meal Plan Thanks!!!

    Just wondering if this meal plan would be O.K.
    I'm 5'11'', 180lb.

    Goal: Wanting to gain lean muscle mass, least amount of fat as possible

    Breakfast - Oatmeal with 2 tbspn. of Maple Brown Sugar
    Orange Juice 1 Glass


    Post Work Out - 1 Large Glass of Chocolate Protein Shake w/Creatine

    Lunch - 2 Wheat Breaded Tuna Fish Sandwhiches
    2 Boiled Egg Whites
    Half a Can of Peaches

    Dinner - Chicken Sandwhich with Wheat Bread
    Green Beans

    Snack - Orange Sherbert Ice Cream

  2. you need protein in your first meal, try some egg whites. I would add a couple more meals a day to that. I would add a bunch of carbs to your pwo.

  3. Let me start by saying that at your height and weight, I would go for a striaght bulking diet. You probably lost fat easily, so I would bulk and cut, before I would try to work for lean mass. Also you have to realize that you need some fat on your body even for a lean bulk

    Your diet looking more like a ****ty cutting diet, then a lean mass builder. No regrets is right try 6-12 egg whites with 1-2 yokes with your morning meal. I would have another bowl or oats with your shake after workout. Your lunch and dinner are good. Trash the sherbert and go for one huge meal before bed. I would try to fit one more meal in there too. Make sure you get at least 250g of protien in a day.

    as it stands is too low in calories to gain any mass.

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