just need a bf% estimate to see where i am at

  1. just need a bf% estimate to see where i am at

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    i am 6 foot 210lbs.i do have some extra skin from being 330lbs 4 years ago.just wanted to see where i am at.still got four weeks left of diet.

  2. legs have started to show more seperation and veins at the top of legs along with veins in forearms more and under knee caps on shin.

  3. Seven
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  4. Around 10% probably. That's a hell of a lot of weight to lose though, congrats

  5. amazing progress. im guessing 8-10%
    what kind of diet and supplements/drugs have you used to make this massive transformation.
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  6. Nice job. Love to see people get their health a priority in life. I say around 8-10% bf. Keep it up.
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  7. Thank yall a lot seriously.I'm glad yalls estimates was atleast ten I'm a little leaner now.I didn't use any supplements but pre workout when I fist started took me a year and a month to go from 330 to 175.after I got down I didn't have abs and was skinny in my eyes.I started lifting heavy and would gain some weight little bsy little.a buddg of mine got me to use some m-drol at two years into lifting, went from 185 to 198 kept all of it after water settled.I have done a test only cycle with trenavar to jump start it awhile ago.

  8. 9 percent


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