Spiking Insulin before, during and after workout

  1. Spiking Insulin before, during and after workout

    I have been reading up on this book called "Nutrient Timing System" it suggest to spike insulin using maltodextrin and whey protein to get protein more readily during your workouts. It works great for me, but I just wondering if anyone knows if I will become insulin resistent and/or a diabetic by using this method.

    This is the drink
    23g of whey protein
    50g of Maltodextrin
    12g of Dextrose
    also combined is vitamin C and vitamin E

    You mix it in 36oz. of water and consume 10 minutes prior to workout and then every 15 to 20 minutes after your workout begins.

    Does anyone have any knowledge to this.

  2. i added dex & malto to my pre & post protein shakes & i've NEVER been so fat in my life!!!!!


  3. i do 30grams dext and BCAA during, 50g Malto/50gDext and 50g hydrowhey post

    I have never been more jacked =-). Before i eat 2 hours before Usually Oatmeal and chicken or whey prot shake.

    Some ppl say that what you eat before a workout is more important, but both is where it is at. I always have better workouts with the above combos. Ive been using this method since cell-tech and VP2 back in early days of college before it was the "cool" thing to do lol. I have always felt it worked well. now i just use Surge in a hurry or i home-mix my own. BSL used to make a nice post workout shake, and i believe protein factory does but i dont trust them.

  4. I could be wrong and I dont know the scientific answer but I'm not a big believer in pre-workout stuff besides maybe an ECA. PWO is so much more important to me to get those nutrients to my muscles after an intense strength training session. I mix 2 scoops of ATW and 50 g's of gatorade powder in my pwo drink and am happy with that. You definitely have to be careful with how much dextrose you take in tho, obviously it can put fat on if overdosed.

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