safe loss I in 1month

  1. safe loss I in 1month

    So I have 32 days untill I leave for maui. 40 days till I am getting married in maui. I have been loseing fat at roughly 1.5lbs perweek since beginning of year. Have gained size and strength in the progress also.

    Currently I am 5'11, 196lbs and 16% bodyfat. I am aiming to lose another 10lbs before I go. Is that a safe amount? I am thinking so, but also want to check with more experienced people.

  2. Well its only .5 more then what youve already been doing, at 16% it shouldnt be a problem
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  3. Ideally I wanted to be at under 10%. But I think I am going to fall short of that goal.

    I have started to thermogenic supplements to make the push to the date I leave lol.

    I started out at 212lbs jan 1, down to 195 today. Probably put on 3-5lbs of muscle via "supplements" ;-).

  4. Lower your calories

  5. which thermos have you added? make sure your using the best stuff. I agree.. you will not hit 10% in 30 days.



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