Ideas to make oatmeal better

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  1. Ideas to make oatmeal better

    Hey guys, anyone have any good recipes or ideas on how to make oatmeal in the morning more tolerable? Without being able to add much sugar to it, I think I'd enjoy eating cottage cheese over oatmeal. Does everyone use sugar because its the beginning of the day or do you grin and bear it and eat it plain?

  2. Splenda and friut of your choice.

  3. I go with Splenda, raisins and some cinnamon. Tastes great.

  4. Oatmeal?? Bleh...I eat my CoCo Wheats and love 'em.

  5. a cup of oats with 1/4 cup cottage cheese, no sugar preserves,
    and a bit of splenda is pretty good.

    PB is addable, but it really doesnt add a lot of flavor and for me is a waste of
    a PB serving.

    If you add salt to things, 3 packets of splenda and a 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of salt
    in 1 cup of oats is awesome alone. THe salt really does wonders.

    If you eat eggs as well, you could have oatmeal pancakes.

    takes some time.

    And last, you could make some oatmeal protein energy bars, there are tons
    of recipes for these floating around. The ones with brown rice syrup are best
    with some splenda as well.

  6. cook your oatmeal in a big pot


    egg whites (stir them in. tastes good. i swear)
    banana flavored protein powder (micellar casein)
    banana slices

    when you are done, you will have something that is kind of like a sweet banana porridge, and reminiscent of tapioca pudding as well

    add a bit of cinnamon or vanilla extract if you want

    this is REALLY good. i swear.

  7. Apples and cinammon is a good addition. Along with a bit of dry cottage cheese and vanilla or strawberry whey stirred in, I find that to taste quite good. I prepare my oats the night before eating them, and eat them cold. I prefer the taste/texture once it's been refrigerated overnight. I finally top it off with some sugar free pancake syrup for a bit of added sweetness, bit without any actual sugar.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by supaman
    a cup of oats with 1/4 cup cottage cheese, no sugar preserves,
    and a bit of splenda is pretty good.

    You can also try cinnamon in place of the preserves. Add milk if it's too dry.

    Another thing you can do is just blend it all up. Oats, whey, milk, splenda. Could add fruit or cinnamon, cottage cheese(you won't taste it), eggs, etc. It's a good thing to drink on the way to work.

  9. milk and salt is all I add.

  10. I add some vanilla protein, cinnamon, and either sugar-free syrup or honey.

    Mmm, mmm good

  11. raisins and cinnamon mmmm... ive also tried Extra and cinnamon and its good
  12. re

    I use maple syrup made from splenda or sorbitol, it is only 10-35 calories per serving depending on the brand, & it makes eating oatmeal something to look forward too.I eat it as my morning dessert, i eat my eags, then turkey, & save the oatmeal for last. in the past i have used protein powders & had to force myself to eat it. hope that helps.

  13. Honey and cinnamon ...ummmm

  14. I mix in groumd flax and Dymatize butter cream toffee flavor protein, sometimes cinnamon. Probably tastes alot like the sugar free maple syrup recipe.

  15. I guess I am the odd one. I enjoy oats plain. Especially if they are rolled oats. I love the texture when its warm. Of course, I sometimes dress it up with the usual spices, sweetners and maybe some raisins, apples or cranberries.
    I even like it when its cold. Somehow, its no different to me than a slice of bread. Except, its a lot more nutritious.
    Funny thing, though, I hate quick cooked packets of oats. They taste like mush. I can understand why no one would like them.
    Of course, you can always eat a cookie...

  16. Man, that's awesome to see a guy who's obviously so passionate about his oatmeal. But your cookie statement just got my mind stuck on one thought, oatmeal cookies!

  17. Hey, you have to savor every moment, and every morsal. Otherwise, why are we doing this?
    And wouldn't an oatmeal cookie sound good right? Thank goodness for bulking phases!

  18. i mix a lil no sugar added berry "jam" in, it's like breakfast cobbler.

  19. OH MY GOD, I think I just had the most delicious sounding food idea of all time, how about oatmeal cookie dough ice cream! I'm almost salivating at the thought....

  20. That actually sounds way beyond gross. OOPS! I meant that sounds like that might seriously offend my tastebuds, and my digestive system. I might be bulking, but not that much!

  21. Some chopped wallnuts and/or almonds add a nice texture as well as EFA's

  22. Try adding some apple sauce

  23. This is a bit odd, but it works for me.

    Spleda,cinnamon,spray butter, a bit of sugar free (splenda) log cabin suryp, and top with some chex cereal for texture.

  24. I throw it in the blender, raw, with protein powder. Pulse it a few times and drink it.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    OH MY GOD, I think I just had the most delicious sounding food idea of all time, how about oatmeal cookie dough ice cream! I'm almost salivating at the thought....
    they have it and it is so ****ing amazing. my wife got it from a neighbor as a present when she had dental surgery - needless to say i ate the whole dam thing. i think it is ben and jerrys or something like that.


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