Ideas to make oatmeal better

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  1. Huge fan of DaVinci syrups, blueberries/strawberries and cinnamon.

  2. Oats + lecithin + cinnamon + honey.

    Cook the oats like normal and add the other stuff at the end. Cook for 10secs more and eat. I sometimes add raisens and splenda too.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by scottac29
    Hey guys, anyone have any good recipes or ideas on how to make oatmeal in the morning more tolerable? Without being able to add much sugar to it, I think I'd enjoy eating cottage cheese over oatmeal. Does everyone use sugar because its the beginning of the day or do you grin and bear it and eat it plain?
    How about honey and/or raisins? It works for me.


  4. i like to add... splenda or honey + dried fruit (apricots, cranberries) or just a little cinnamon


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