Limit to amount of fruit I should eat?

  1. Limit to amount of fruit I should eat?

    As long as I don't go over on my daily amount of carbs, is there any reason I shouldn't eat a lot of fruit? I heard something recently about the body not being able to process over a certain amount of fructose day, but I haven't read much else about it, so it could be BS.

    I really like bananas, kiwi, grapes, oranges, nectarines, strawberries, plums, etc. For me, it's been an easy way to add calories and a great way to cure a sweet tooth. About three or four pieces a day.

  2. that fructose thing is rubbish. also, fruit is not solely fructose. depends on the fruit of course, but fruit =/= fructose

    that is a common misperception

    imo, most bbers do not eat enough fruits

  3. Here’s a little info on the absorption of fructose:

    The absorption mechanism for fructose is not completely resolved. Some evidence suggests active transport, because fructose uptake has been shown to occur against a concentration gradient. Such transport is independent of the active,Na+ -dependent transport of glucose, but the rate of uptake is much slower than that of both glucose and galactose. A large proportion of human subjects studied showed an inability to absorb completely doses of fructose in the range of 20 to is likely that GLUT5 may be the transporter for fructose...Because fructose is very efficiently trapped and phosphorylated in the liver, however, there is virtually no circulating fructose in the bloodstream, ensuring its downhill concentration gradient across the intestinal mucosa...The extent of the contribution of active transport and facilitative diffusion to fructose absorption has not been established, though both systems are saturable. This accounts for the observations that fructose absorption is limited in nearly 60% of normal adults and that intestinal distress, symptomatic of malabsorption, frequently appears following ingestion of 50 g of pure fructose.

    I don’t think that matters much in the case of a fructose containing food as nobody would eat 50 grams of nothing but crystalline fructose. But worth noting is the following:

    Because the phosphorylation of fructose is essentially the liver’s responsibility, eating large amounts of fructose can deplete the hepatocyte ATP and thus reduce the rate of various biosynthetic processes, such as protein synthesis.

    So there ya go.

  4. TheCrownedOne, that's pretty interesting info. Thanks for posting it.

  5. I would think to obtain 50g of fructose you'd have to eat a load of fruit however...

  6. No problem whatsoever.

  7. Well, fruits are primarily sucrose, so think you'd have to eat ~400 calories worth of fruit to get that - approx 8-10 oranges, 5 bananas, 6-8 pears, 6-8 apples, etc.

    That seems like a lot of fruit to me.

  8. banana's are awesome i reckon i could eat them a 5 times a day, especially in oats!

    all other fruit is great too, i reckon a good cheat would be a whole lot of fruit!

  9. i agree. you rilly can't go wrong with fruit. there are so many anti-ox's, phytonutrients, etc. it would be crazy (imo) not to include fruits in a diet

    grapefruit (ruby red especially) is very high in these good things, especially the white inner rind


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