Stomach Acid

  1. Stomach Acid

    Certian things tend to give me stomach acid, i know to steer away from lots of tomato puree for example, but i eat a bowl of oats and blueberries around 10.30 each day and by 11.30 I am burning up! I like to get my oats then, my first meal is poached eggs on wm toast.

    Perhaps i should mention i eat the oats cold, straight from the bag with skimmed milk.

    I add oats to my pwo shake and suffer no problems there but am only taking in about half as much then.

    Anybody else struggled with this?

  2. totally dude, I fell you on this one. I ate a banana the other day and that night, my throat was on fire. I dont know about the oat and berries. Maybe the berries?

  3. could be the berries, you might want to get some cimetadine(tagamet) and take it before you eat it could help

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