my velocity diet

  1. my velocity diet

    What's up guys I'm in day 12 of my vdiet and decided to kinda show my progress.. I started at 195 and currently at 183 alot was water weight I'm sure but I have noticed a change.. tell me what u think

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    This is at 188 *left* 195*right*

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    Back at 188

    I started at around 245 last year at this time and have slowly made a transition

  2. Im om my phone so am not able to view the pics but jusy wanted to say kudos to you for having the willpower to stick with that diet. I tried it once (somewhat) and it is brutal

    Hopefully your at least using some tastey protein and multiple flavors of protein powder.
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  3. Good improvements aesthetically. Losing weight to fast can cause muscle protein degredation if you aren't careful. Resistance training and proper nutrient timing around your workouts can help with that allot. Cheers~
    Training Log:

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