Doing blood work tomorrow need answer ASAP

  1. Doing blood work tomorrow need answer ASAP

    It's not related ot any anabolics or anything, just a general blood sugar\cholest\etc etc

    The ytold me not to eat anything for 12 hours prior except water, but I'm on a bulking cycle DAMNIT, so is it ok if I eat something like a can of tuna with some lemon? no sugars in it, no cholestherol.... it should be ok right?

  2. you can eat and screw up the test or not and it will NOT screw up your bulk don't worry about it bro.

  3. You should be able to handle not eating from supper until lunchtime. It won't kill you, and it will help you get the most accurate results from your blood tests. Not working out in a few days would have helped too, for that matter, since a hard workout can make AST and ALT seem worse than they are.

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