critique on my cutting diet again please

  1. critique on my cutting diet again please

    Ok here we go again, im 6 ft around 210 pounds, im currently deployed right now in Afghanistan. Im doing my cutting diet, im already pretty lean just gotta get them abs showing back good. I train hard 4-5 times a week and my cardio consists of fast paced walking 30-45 min a day, not to mention during our missions we do an additional 30 minutes minimum on top of that, I do this everyday. Im starting my 4th week of dieting monday and im already down about 7 pounds, my meals go like this:

    Meal 1- 4 whole eggs, 1-2 pieces of wheat toast, scoop of whey with half a cup of oats and a apple

    Meal 2- (pre workout)- lean meat 4-6 oz, green veggies, 1 wholegrain muffin

    Meal 3- (post workout)- 1 and a half scoop whey, 5g creatine with 10 gummy bears for quick sugar

    Meal 4- lean meat 4-6 oz, green veggies, 1 oz mixed nuts or peanut butter

    Meal 5- same as meal 4

    Meal 6- 5 oz canned tuna

    Meal 7- 1 scoop of whey 1 oz of mixed nuts

    My macros I keep at around 260g protein/180g carbs(some of that is green veggies)/ 80-90g fat- roughly 2500-2600 calories

    Morning and night supplments I take a multi vitamin and fish oil

    Comments please good and bad

  2. Looks good to me but then again I'm no nutrition guru. Looks like a nice pace for fat loss and just adjust accordingly. Keep us posted on stats and would like to hear more peoples opinions.

  3. as was mentioned earlier.. adjust accordingly. this means as you loose fat you need to reset your calorie intake to match your changing dietary needs.
    also don't be shy to add a quality fat burner to the mix. as it will certainly help with mood and energy.
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  4. The Solution has good articles for you to read if he gets in this thread
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  5. Yeah I'm def adjusting as my fat loss progressing. I think my body does well with a lower carb diet. As I progress I'm goin to do basically no carbs for six days then the 7th will be a refeed day, only once I get back in the single digits to dial down a little more ill do this. My carbs now are a little under 1g per pound of body weight. Keeping healthy fat and protein high constant

  6. Add in some Dexaprine XR and TT33

  7. you said you're already down 7lbs... keep the diet exactly AS IS until you stop. After you stop, just take out like 2-5 g per meal of a p/c/f. Than wait a few weeks utnil it stops again, than repeat. Off to a great start already!
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  8. Thanks brother. Does everyone agree with the lower carb diets for fat loss??

  9. I used low carb for awhile and it hurt my energy and strength. I now use moderate carbs and still lose fat but maintain a lot better
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  10. low carb has worked well for me. I haven't noticed a change in my energy level or strength in the gym. My husband notices that his strength is not optimal on a low carb/calorie diet

  11. Yeah i stick to a moderate carb diet. About 180 carbs a day counting veggies. I weigh around 210, but I'm already down 7 pounds

  12. Dexaprine XR and TT33 would be a good addition to your regime

  13. I love low carb dieting for fatloss. I eat tons of fat and get lean! moar bacon plz!
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  14. I dont think that there is much to change from this. Maybe you could add a thermo like Dexaprine XR if you get stuck again, but the nutrition seems solid as it is. Especially if you are already down 7lbs.
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  15. Ahhhh people need to stop blindly recommending Dexaprine XR in every. single. thread.

    If your losing weight, then as Geekpoop said, keep at it!
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